My New Blog!

I FINALLY have my new blog up and running. Check it out here: sylvialoveslipstick!

It’s been a busy few weeks of working with different hosting websites, domain and theme providers. I’ve been on live-chat with my hosting provider every night for the past couple of days so I can say that we’re pretty much in a relationship ;). It’s been a very stressful process but one that has allowed me to learn so much about the Internet and creating my own place on the web. Once again, thanks for sticking with me and I hope to see you soon over on my new website!


I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I promise! I’ve just been working on a new blog complete with my own domain and a new layout. I will be sure to link up to my new website as soon as I figure everything out. As always, thanks for checking in and reading!

Looking Inside My Medicine Cabinet


A sneaky peek inside my medicine cabinet. As you can tell, I like to mix it up and I’m not loyal to any specific brand (thus, the rainbow assortment of products haha). I am however, particularly fond of French Pharmacy products because I find that they work for me and are readily available for me at a decent price-point (one of the few Canadian beauty perks). I’m a bit of a beauty junkie in all aspects so these are only the products in my current rotation. My medicine cabinet is a good size but the space inside is highly valuable so I have to be strict about what I include haha.

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My MAC Permanent Blush Palette


As much as I enjoy the LE collections and releases from MAC, the products from MAC’s permanent collection are the gems that I really should be paying attention to. It’s easy to get pulled into the hype around acquiring LE items in special formulas, colours and packaging even though the quality may not always be all there. Luckily, MAC has their own permanent core products to help ground the sometimes faulty products that they release through out the year.

Today’s post is dedicated to my MAC permanent blushes that have been recently moved into a new and improved MAC palette home. These new MAC palettes are sleek, efficient (thanks to the clear lid) and much more affordable than their previous versions. I have a couple of older MAC Blush palettes but they contain LE blushes that have been depotted.

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Current Mascara Rotation


As a drugstore mascara junkie, I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in the aisles of the drugstore. I consider myself a non-makeup snob in regards to the fact that I’m open to trying out all different brands, regardless of price range. Life is too short to restrict my makeup hoarding criteria, haha! I’m incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to try out makeup from both ends of the spectrum so I make it a point to hold back bias on products regardless of price.

However, when it comes to mascaras, I’m a bit of a non-makeup snob. Now you’re probably wondering what the heck that even means. Basically, I pretty much restrict myself from buying high-end mascaras because I know that drugstore mascaras work perfectly fine for me. When it comes to makeup, I’m always about trying out new things and searching for new products to love but when it comes to mascaras, the only search I do is at the drugstore. I have tried more expensive mascaras before and I don’t find the results satisfactory enough to warrant their higher price tag. In the end, I rather spend the money on more interesting makeup goodies.

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Chanel and Dior Spring 2015: My Picks


Today’s post features a small haul of new products from the Chanel and Dior Spring 2015 Beauty Collections. I tried to not go crazy which, as proven in the past, can be an occurrence for me when it comes to special collections. When it comes to high-end makeup, I can easily say that Chanel and Dior are some of my favourite designer makeup brands. As a Canadian with limited access to many other high-end brands, I like that Chanel and Dior can be found in-store and do not require me to either go on a scavenger hunt or deal with shipping/taxes/customs/duties fees online. The life of a makeup addict here in Canada is tough but with access to Chanel and Dior, I think I’ll be just fine.

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MAC Permanent Lipstick Favourites: Nudes And Neutrals


The statistics on my blog (fancy schmancy, I know) has shown that my MAC Lipstick posts are some of my most popular. So in the light of giving the people what they want, I have a couple more to feature here! These 5 neutral lipsticks from MAC are some current favourites that have been receiving a lot of wear time. I have gotten into wearing eyeshadow more frequently and I find the balance between a full eyeshadow look + a neutral lip a lot more appropriate for everyday. Unfortunately, this means that I have been neglecting my bold lipsticks, but I’m sure they will be loved again when the weather warms up in the spring!

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Celebrity Makeup Artists To Follow On Instagram


Can anyone else relate?! If needed, I will screencap the image and then ZOOM in to get a closer look #dedication.

Along with makeup, one of my other loves is celebrity culture and news. Celebrity makeup artists bring my two loves together and combine them in the most perfect way possible. Instagram is a great resource for checking out celebrity makeup artists and their ventures in the Hollywood makeup scene. It is also a great way to find out the products worn by some of your favourite celebrities. As it is currently awards season, I have been on top of hounding these accounts for the latest updates.

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