My NARS Blush/Bronzer Collection


You all probably know about the hype surrounding NARS blushes. All I can add to the dialogue is that all of the praise is deserved. I am a true blush junkie and my NARS blushes are some of my favourites. The texture and staying power of these bad boys is truly nothing short of a miracle. The colours they come in are splendid and NARS packaging is just divine. I thought I would dedicate a little post on this blog to one of the most loved areas of my makeup collection.

1. Albatross
2. Dolce Vita
3. Laguna
4. Luster
5. Madly
6. Orgasm
7. Satellite Of Love
8. Sin


Left: Albatross and Orgasm Duo, Right: Laguna Bronzer


Clockwise from the top red: Dolce Vita, Luster, Satellite Of Love, Sin and Madly

My top favourites would have to be Albatross, Luster, Madly and Laguna. Dolce Vita is a tough one to wear just because it is so darn pigmented and I have had to train my often heavy-handed blush hand to be a little more light-handed. Orgasm is a classic. Satellite Of Love is the perfect sparkly, shimmery highlight, which I know some people hate but I love. Sin is also another classic and its perfect for this time of year. When the time comes, I plan on picking up Douceur, Gilda and Lovejoy to add to my collection.


Swatches: Albatross, Orgasm, Laguna

Swatches: Dolce Vita, Luster, Madly, Satellite Of Love, Sin


  1. May be a little pricey but well worth it. Lasts for years, especially if you love color and wear a bunch of different colors. I have Angelika, Sin, Orgasm, Lovejoy, Taos, and Taj Mahal. Yes, most of these need just a very light touch of the brush to the color (Taj Mahal, lookin’ at you!) but I love them. I am just getting to the bottom of the pan in Angelika and Sin after about 4 years. These are the first colors I’ve bought. But even so, I won’t need to replace them until at least next year. And the newest additions to the collection were Lovejoy and Orgasm, purchased this year.


    1. Sounds like you have a great collection! Seems like you really enjoy the *BAM* shades and I do not blame you because they are stunning. Thank you for the lovely comment!


      1. Thank you! Well, I’m a medium to deep skin tone so I need the color to show up.

        Orgasm is so very sheer and faint on me, Lovejoy is actually better for showing up against my skintone. But I like Orgasm for that ‘not really wearing blush’ look that I want sometimes depending on how much color I’ve put on eyes and lips.

        I personally like a little shimmer to the blush, so the matte colors I generally don’t buy. But the New Order highlighter was just over the top, it was a glitter bomb. That last blush release, Seduction – now THAT hot mama is next on my list.

    1. Oooo I just googled a swatch and it sure is beautiful. I’ll definitely have to add this one to the wishlist. I highly recommend Sin for the autumn, it just works so well for a deep flush look. Thanks for the lovely comment!


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