Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream


Random finds are always exciting, especially when they work well beyond your wildest dreams. A couple weeks ago, I was randomly browsing the Essence section at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. If you have not heard about Essence Cosmetics, then you need to get on it. German cosmetics with superb quality at the very lowest of prices are what I’m talking about. Seriously. Items from the line range from 0.99 – 4.99 tops. I have tried my fair share from the line and have been sufficiently pleased with everything.

In this post, I want to feature the Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream. From doing some research, I gathered that these are a relatively new product in the Essence lineup. They are available in only 3 (at least in Canada), but truly fantastic, shades. The first, Velvet Rose is a pink mauve. The second, Smooth Berry is a berry fuchsia. The last, Silky Red is a orange red. I am really good at describing colours, right? You know when people define words and include the word in the definition? That is what I just did. Sorry. I promise to work on that.


These Essence Lip Creams are a dream come true to this lipstick lover. They apply like a breeze and glide on ever so smoothly. They are extremely pigmented and one pass already warrants enough colour to cover my lip completely. They last long and remain comfortable to wear. They smell like red velvet and vanilla. Matte, creamy, long wearing lip goodness. They retail for $2.99. What is there not to love? If you love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, you need to check these out!


Swatches: Velvet Rose, Smooth Berry, Silky Red


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