Illasmaqua Lipstick Haul


My apologies for the surprise hiatus, I know I said that I would be back after finals but man, it was nice to just completely relax for 2 whole weeks. The holiday season is always a great time to recover from the year and recharge for the upcoming year. This break, I got to spend time with visiting relatives and catch up with old friends. I also started marathoning a couple of new shows, which is always exciting. Overall, it was a break that was much needed and left me feeling excited about the new semester and new year.

Also, over the break, I reached 5,000 views on my blog. I was so incredibly excited when I saw this because it is a pretty big number! Thanks to those who have ever stopped by and supported my little humble abode on the Internet. Here’s to many more!


I figured I would get back into blogging with a little lipstick haul. The Bay in Downtown Vancouver recently acquired an Illmasqua counter and you know I had to check it out. Before this haul, I had only been able to purchase their products when visiting the States. At The Bay, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Canadian prices were the same as the American prices. This is a very rare occurrence when it comes to Canadian makeup prices as products here are always marked way up. I also visited on a weekend when The Bay was having 10% off on all cosmetics so yeah, I like to think that it was a justified haul.


I have been lusting over Illamasqua lipsticks because I have heard wonderful things about their colour selection and because I love a good matte lip. Their formula is often pitted for being really drying and it may seem weird but, to me, dryness is not a negative attribute. In order to achieve a really matte lip look, dryness needs to occur and it is a compromise that I do not mind. After diligently deliberating through the colours, I decided on ESP, Eurydice and Flare


So far, I have only tried Eurydice and it was no joke. Mad pigment, ultimate matte-ness and forever lasting. What more can I ask for?! This formula will deservedly make its way up the ranks of my lipstick favourites, I’m sure of it!


Swatches from the top: ESP, Eurydice, Blaze


    1. I just Googled swatches and they’re stunning!! I will definitely check them out the next time I’m at the counter. Thanks for your lovely recommendations!


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