Winter Lip Care


In the beauty world, the change of seasons also comes with a change in skincare routines and even lip routines. These are the big players when it comes to lip product hydration. These are the products I rely on when the temperatures drop or really, any time my lips suffer from extreme dryness. I especially like them as night treatments as they really prep my lips for the matte lipsticks I put on my lips during the day.  


Aquaphor Healing Ointment has been spoken about before on my blog and I don’t think I will ever miss out on a chance to praise it. I see it as an amped up Vaseline because it moisturizes without the icky petroleum texture and taste. I also use this on cuticles and dry areas because it does a great job at providing long lasting hydration.

Blistex Lip Medex is a standard in the beauty world and I can sure see why. It smells a bit medicated, tingles a little when applied and always helps with truly cracked lips. It comes to the rescue when I really need it to and it never disappoints.

Nivea Lip Butter Original is one that I strictly use at night because it leaves a white cast on the lips. It does a great job at maintaining moisture because of its thick texture and I can even feel it on my lips when I wake up. It is a good no-frills lip balm that does what it aims to.

I have a wide range of lipbalms/chapsticks/what have you and I will always try more because after all, I do consider myself a bit of a lip product junkie. However, these three essentials will always be a part of my beauty arsenal. You can best bet that I will never be without them and, as they are readily available at the drugstore for a small sum, I will never have to!

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