Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner


Another quick and dirty review featuring a great, fantastic, awesome, magical, amazing… you get it, liquid eyeliner. The product in discussion: Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I have been on a bit of an Essence kick lately because my local Shoppers Drug Mart has a great selection of their stuff and the prices are amazing. This specific eyeliner goes for $3.99 and I don’t believe anything in their line goes for over $10. The low prices should not deter you away from the goods though because everything (at least what I have tried) is of pretty great quality.

This liquid eyeliner is your typical pot eyeliner with a felt tip. The packaging is nothing to write home about, nor is the applicator. The magic lies in the formula. The formula of this liquid eyeliner is incredibly black, seriously waterproof and IT DRIES MATTE. My love for matte formulas does not only lie in lipstick form. My search for a matte liquid liner has finally come to an end and for a product that delivers in all other categories too.


As much as I love my other liquid eyeliners (Dollywink, Physicians Formula) this one ranks on a whole other level. The matte formula and its seriously budge-proof formula makes it just that much better than all my other loves. However, my only gripe is that the thicker brush makes it a little harder to work with compared to my other favourites. A small complaint though because all eyeliner application requires patience and time. This one just requires a little more time and a little more patience but the end result is totally worth it. A matte, black, thick cat eye paired with a bright, bold lip? Perfect!

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