My January 2014 Favourites


I missed out on a favourites post for December but I am now back full force for January! Along with some beauty favourites, I have thrown in some fashion favourites. I am still trying to incorporate some fashion into this blog but it is hard because I have yet to figure out how to take pictures while being in front of the camera. I have a tripod but no remote and no photographer. My sister refuses to help me out so maybe publicly shaming her online will work. Anyways, that is a different story for a different day so let’s continue on with my favourites of the month.


Some complexion favourites I have been absolutely loving: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Stick, NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder and MAC Warmth Of Coral Mineralize Blush. The MAC foundation is a long time favourite like a loyal friend, it never lets me down. This foundation works best with a big buffing brush like the EcoTools Bronzer Brush to avoid a thick finish, while still providing great coverage. Vichy Dermablend has been raved about in the beauty community and for good reason. The coverage of this foundation stick is intense so I have been using it as a concealer instead. As a concealer, it is great for blemishes and covering hyper-pigmentation. The NARS Powder is a great light powder for achieving a flawless complexion. Its light reflecting abilities does a great job at making the skin look glowy and pores look diffused, I was always hesitant about the abilities of powders to do such a job but I am now a believer! The MAC blush is unfortunately, a limited edition item from the MAC Semi-Precious collection. I found it at a CCO though so it may be floating around out there somewhere! It is the most perfect peach-orange blush without looking like too much. It packs pigment without being a chore to apply.


As for eyes and lips, NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Clarins Rose Shimmer Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector are the products that I have been reaching for this month. The NARS eyeshadow base is a recent discovery and something that I can already call my HG. I have tried a couple other bases but this one blows them all out of the water. I like to refer to it as the boss of all eyeshadow bases and primers because it really does leave everything looking ***flawless (see what I did there?). A serious life-changing product and I do not say that about many things. The Essence eyeliner has already been discussed in a post but let me sum it up in three words: matte black goodness. The Clarins balm/gloss is the most perfect product for lazy days as it provides colour and hydration without the fuss and stickiness of a traditional lipgloss. The packaging is so chic and the most perfect handbag companion.


Swatches: Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Clarins Rose Shimmer Instant Natural Light Lip Perfector , MAC Warmth Of Coral Mineralize Blush


Fashion favourites this month include a bronze/silver/gold (anyone else REALLY excited for the Olympics?) statement necklace from Urban Outfitters and a black over sized long-sleeve crop top by Wilfred Free at Aritzia. Paired together with some high-waist black trousers to show just a bit of midriff and you get an effortless but totally cool look. I have a couple other crop tops like these and I am pretty sure they will become my go-to uniform as they work so well with EVERYTHING. I cannot wait until the weather warms up to wear them with some high-waist denim cut offs because I love the juxtaposition between a modest long-sleeve on top and short bottoms (or a high neckline and short bottoms).



  1. I really love the tray you used to display the products! I’ve been wanting to try the NARS eyeshadow base for a while now, I’ll definitely have to pick it up next time I’m in Space NK. & I got the ***flawless reference (my fave song on the album, amazing!).

    Charlotte Breony xx


    1. Thanks, Charlotte. Can you believe that tray was only $1 from the dollar store? Such a steal! I hope you enjoy the primer, I cannot sing its praises enough. YAY at you understanding my reference. Beyonce is queen.


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