My NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Collection


My love for the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils knows no bounds and has paved the way for an almost obsessive “gotta catch them all” mentality. These pencils are the ultimate in matte, long wearing lip product goodness. In the beauty community, their cult status has been engrained and for very, very good reason. I cannot stop raving about these but enough with that and let’s get on with the swatches!


These lip pencils are very easy to apply because of their shape. They glide on very comfortably and provide a very chic, velvet soft matte look (with no feeling of dryness whatsoever). Once set, they do not budge and are great for long days and nights out. The only thing that does not rock about these is their hefty price tag, but I just can’t quit ’em.

1. Dolce Vita: a neutral dusty pink
2. Bolero: a bright coral pink
3. Red Square: a reddened orange
4. Dragon Girl: a pinky red
5. Cruella: a true medium red
6. Damned: a muted fuchsia plum
7. Train Bleu: a dark purple


Swatch: lone Dolce Vita (because it was MIA when I was taking the group shots)


Swatches from the top: Bolero, Red Square, Dragon Girl, Cruella, Damned, Train Bleu


    1. It’s hard not to, eh? They’re so darn great! You definitely need to pick up Damned. It’s my most recent addition but already one of my top favourites.


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