Clinique Cheek Pop Blush


If you do not live under a rock, you have probably heard about these Clinique blushes by now. These new Cheek Pops are a revolution in the blush world. Aside from the cute clear packaging and the flower embossing, the formula really is something else.


When swatched, these almost feel like a cream because of how silky and buttery the pigments are. The finish is not powdery at all and the blush itself does not kick up any excess pigment. As a result, however, it does take a bit of build up on the brush to transfer to the cheek. But when applied, the colours pack a serious punch and do a great job at providing the cheeks with a nice glow. I tend to lean towards warm, orange-based blushes and this is apparent through my choosing of the two colours, Ginger Pop and Peach Pop.


Swatches from the top: Ginger Pop, Peach Pop

These are a great addition to the long list of new Spring beauty additions and something that should not be overlooked. But how could you? That flower imprint is just too darn cute!


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