My Mid-May 2014 Favourites


I have slacked a little on the monthly favourites post front and I apologize. Since we’re pretty much already half way through May, it would make more sense to do a mid-month favourites. To anyone who has been eagerly anticipating (highly doubtful, haha) my picks for the month of May, here they are!

With the weather warming up, I’ve been getting into shimmery bronzers for a bit of glow. In the winter, my focus for bronzer is of the matte variety for contouring. However, in the summer, I’m all about the glow and NARS Laguna Bronzer is perfect for placing on high points of the face for a bit of colour. It is the perfect shade of bronze, without being too shimmery or too matte. No doubt that I’ll be using the heck out of this bad boy this summer.

I have raved about Laura Mercier Mineral Powder countless times but the love this time around is highly dependent on an accompanying brush, the ELF Powder Brush. This powder foundation manages to provide medium coverage and last the whole day, without ever looking like too much. You know how some powders can make skin look dead and lifeless? Well, this one does the opposite and manages to make skin look healthy and glowy. I was hesitant when I read other reviews about its ability to do so (a powder foundation that looks glowy? blasphemy!) but seriously, don’t knock it until you try it. Paired with the ELF flat top brush, the foundation manages to blend well into the skin without just sitting on top, as it did when I used to previously apply it with a kabuki brush.

A new addition to my jumbo lip pencil collection, Bobbi Brown Sunset Orange Art Stick is a very welcomed supplement. A creamy matte lip crayon in a bright orange? Well, sign me right up!! This pencil applies very creamy and is quite moisturizing compared to some other lip crayons. It wears down to a matte but never feels uncomfortable. This pencil paired with a bit of bronze courtesy of NARS Laguna Bronzer = my summer face!


Swatches: Bobbi Brown Sunset Orange Art Stick, NARS Laguna Bronzer


Some skincare favourites from this month include the La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Moisturizer and The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. The first, LRP Moisturizer, is from the Toleriane range meant for intolerant skin. This is their most basic moisturizer and it is made in a couple different formulas for a variety of skin types, I use the Fluid version for oily skin. I apply this before sunscreen as it provides a bit of hydration and makes the sunscreen I apply on top easier to blend. For someone with oily skin, I’m always hesitant to layer moisturizers during the day. This one is light enough to work with sunscreen and never feels heavy nor disturbs the makeup I put on top of the two layers. Ever since discovering The Body Shop Cleansing Oil, I can proclaim myself a cleansing oil convert. I truly don’t think I can go back to anything else because I have now seen the light. Something that can remove ALL my makeup in one step, even waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick, is something that should be praised. This cleansing oil melts off all makeup and with a bit of water, turns into a milky liquid that rinses completely clean. My foray into cleansing oils has just begun and I’m so excited to try out some other formulas!




Some fashion favourites for this month include my new hoop cartilage earring and some fantastic white Zara sandals. I got my cartilage pierced last September while I was in Texas and ever since, I have been lemming to change the stud into a hoop. I was hesitant to do so because I wanted to wait at least a year to avoid any infections. However, I lost the ball part of the earring one day and as a blessing in disguise, I had no choice but to get a replacement earring. A visit to the piercing shop and $20 later, I am now the proud owner of my own little baby hoop. I love it so much more than a basic stud and it is making me crave for a couple more piercings! These white sandals from Zara were a purchase that I never knew I needed to make. Now, I am not sure how I managed to live without them. The small but thick heel provides height and the white, crisp clean lines look lovely on the feet. These can be dressed up with dresses and skirts and dressed down with denim cutoffs while still looking streamlined and classic. On top of them being an overall great purchase, I only paid around $10 for them because of a mall gift card. Talk about a score!




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