My Top 5 Favourite Limited Edition MAC Lipsticks


I am a MAC Lipstick junkie, and even more so when it comes to limited edition colours and packaging. Although the lipsticks I mention here are no longer available, when is a post on lipstick not a good idea? NEVER!

I have a pretty extensive collection of MAC Lipsticks from limited edition collections. Although MAC’s permanent range is already pretty intense, their LE lipsticks still entice me. When it comes to lipsticks, the variety of colours, textures and finishes make them all different enough to explore. These are 5 of my current favourites LE lipsticks from MAC, although I am missing a couple from new collections because they have not yet earned a place in my top 5 (MAC Playland…).


Anyone else notice a theme in my lipstick preferences when compared to my permanent favourites? I do love me some bright pinks and dark wines.


Swatches from the top:
1. Ablaze (Fashion Sets, 2013)
2. Embrace Me (Fashion Sets, 2013)
3. Fixed On Drama (Retro Matte, 2013)
4. Force Of Love (Chen Man Love & Water, 2012)
5. Talk That Talk (Riri Hearts MAC, 2013)


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