Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth-Boosting Spotless Foundation


I often go on and on about my love for lipsticks on this blog but I’m also a huge foundation buff as well. I don’t know why but foundations are one of those products that I love buying and testing out and I’m always searching for the perfect formula. For someone who has far from perfect skin, I’m pretty much always on the hunt for THE one. Unfortunately, this product by Physicians Formula, was less then ideal.


The thing with foundations is that they’re definitely not a one-size fits all product. All of us have different skin types, different skin issues and are looking for different end results. I wanted to try this foundation out after seeing ItsJudyTime’s first impression review on it. Judy’s reviews are usually spot on for me because we share the same skin type, and after seeing how much she liked this one by PF, I was intrigued to try it out. However, it just didn’t work out for me and is now taking up space in my makeup collection. Drugstores here in Canada are way stingier about taking back used makeup products and I am often stuck with the products that I buy. However, the least I can do is test it out and write a review on it so that not all of it goes to waste!

This foundation by Physicians Formula is marketed as a product that helps with reducing the appearance of dark spots and also helps with erasing them over time. Along with those far-fetched assertions, it also claims to wear for 12 hours. This claim was the most confusing to me because nowhere is this product marketed as a long-wearing formula.

The biggest gripe I have with this foundation is its shade range. It is sometimes unhelpful to dock points from a product because of its colour and how it may not specifically suit me. However, the complaint I have is more towards the lack of colours in the range. In Canada, this product is available in only 2 shades (light and medium) and even the light shade was too dark and peachy/orange for my NC25-30 skin tone. When brands make their base products in very limited shades, the least they should do is make them all neutral in colouring. This way, the colours can at least adjust somewhat to different undertones and work for more people overall. Needless to say, Physicians Formula is neglecting many different skin tones in this formula.


Swatch: the shade Light

As far as the performance of the foundation, it left much to be desired. It comes out of the bottle from the dropper in a very fluid and thin liquid. The smell of the foundation is very chemically and unpleasnt. The scent lingered and was a huge turnoff for something that I was going to apply and wear all over my face. When applied, it provided a light to medium coverage with a shiny (not dewy) finish. The only good thing was that the low coverage helped with achieving a very light weight and natural look to the skin. My spots were definitely not fully concealed, and needed the additional help of concealer to be fully covered. The shiny finish lingered and the foundation never really seemed to set on my skin. Even after powdering to help with the shine, and semi-set the foundation, I was only able to get maybe 3-4 hours of wear out of it. All in all, a product that I had high hopes for that just did not deliver. I guess it’s ok though because you win some and you lose some, especially when it comes to the game of foundation.

The Round-Up:

– very natural looking on the skin because of its light weight finish and light coverage
– glass bottle with dropper is nice and helps with carefully dispensing the foundation
– included brush may be too small to apply foundation but great for blending (and can be used for other products such as concealer, cream blush etc.)

– quite pricey for a drugstore product, retails for $18.49 in Canada
– very limited shade range, only comes in Light and Medium
– unpleasant scent that lingered
– not very long lasting, only wore on my oily skin for 3-4 hours
– promised to reduce the appearance of spots but its light coverage did not allow it to do so

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