Red Lips: Step By Step


As a red and bright lip lover, I like to consider myself semi-well-experienced in the application of bright and bold lipsticks. Two keywords for a pigmented, long lasting lip: lip pencil. I am a firm believer in lip pencils, especially when using bold lipsticks because nothing is worse than a sloppy less-than-precise bright lip. Although having a variety of lip pencils to work with is ideal, you can also make do with a clear lip liner or a nude lip liner that goes with everything. Can I say lip one more time in this paragraph? …LIP!

In this post, I will be guiding you on how to flawlessly achieve a bold red lip look. Of course, these application techniques can be extended to any other lipstick colour. I chose a classic red to demonstrate but I use this technique for pretty much all lipsticks (even liquid formulas) that I wear.



The Products:
– used foundation brush
– kabuki brush (for applying powder)
– lip brush
– waxy lip balm
– powder
– red lipstick
– red lip pencil
– tissues to blot
– concealer pencil


The Steps:
1. Prep lips with lip balm beforehand. I like drier waxy balms like Burt’s Bees to wear with lipstick.
2. Gently wipe off any excess lip balm before priming the lips with left over foundation from a foundation brush. Apply a loose layer of powder. This helps to create a blank, smooth canvas for the lipstick to adhere to.
3. Line lips carefully with a lip pencil in a similar colour. For a classic red lip, I like MAC Cherry Lip Pencil. Fill in the lips with the pencil as well.
4. Apply the lipstick carefully and use a lip brush if needed.
5. Go over the outline with the lip liner afterwards to get a really intense defined line. *This step is the game-changer.
6. For a formula as dry as Ruby Woo, I do not often feel the need to blot. However, more creamy formulas may benefit from blotting. Let the colour set for a bit, blot and then reapply another layer if needed.
7. The lip pencil step helps with getting a precise line but if needed, fix the lip line with concealer. Concealer pencils like the NYX Wonder Pencil work great for this. Remember to blend the concealer well to avoid stark lines.

Bonus Tips:

Image– Stretch out your lips like this to get a really precise line and remember the “finger trick” to get rid of excess lipstick so it doesn’t get on your teeth (and get rid of any lipstick that does get on your teeth, which I made sure to do after seeing this picture, haha)

– DO NOT forget to colour the inner corners of the lips, it is one of the most common mistakes I see and it is something that can easily be avoided


Now go on with your bad red-lipped self!


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