Brow Loves


I have pretty light eyebrows so brow products are a MUST-HAVE in my makeup collection. Nothing hurts more than looking at my old photos from high school where I sported super thin and over plucked brows. It is no joke when they say that a good set of brows help frame the face and that is especially true when wearing a full face of makeup. However, even light makeup can benefit from the power of a bold brow. I have experimented with my fair share of brow products and in this post I will be sharing my favourites.


Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Brown is my longest eyebrow love and it was the first product I ever used to fill in my brows. The thin applicator and creamy texture make it easy to use for beginners. It blends easily so any mistakes can effortlessly be fixed. However, this also means that its staying power is subpar. I save this product for low-key makeup days and sometimes pair it with NYX Nude Matte Shadow in Betrayal for an even softer finish. I have gone through countless of these pencils and it is a product I do not think I will ever be without.


MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette was a product I picked up from MAC when it first debuted a couple years back. It was originally a limited edition product but has since taken a spot in the permanent collection. Why do brands make brow products limited edition? WHY? Anyways, MAC has finally brought them back so rest assured. This MAC product is great because its mousse consistency applies very smoothly and lasts pretty well. As someone with quite sparse brows, the fact that I can essentially “colour in” my brows with a cream is very helpful. I am interested to see how this compares with the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (if I can ever get my hands on it).


MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow in 25 Ash is my current favourite brow product. I mentioned it in my June Favourites post and I have been using it everyday and will continue to do so all summer long. This brow product is contained in a little squeeze tube that makes releasing the desired amount of product very difficult. As a solution, I have been squeezing out a bit at a time into a little MAC sample jar to use for the week. This works well in controlling the amount of product I use and it also allows me to really work the product into my brush so that I’m not essentially globbing product onto my face. When compared to the MAC Gelcreme, the Aqua Brow is a little less mousse and more gel like. Because of this, it has a bit more staying power and is my go-to for days where I know I need budge-proof brows.


Before: my bare brow


After: my brow filled in with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow (thank goodness for brow products, eh?)

The best thing about cream brow products is that they do not budge and are very cost efficient. Brow pencils do not last very long and the cost of replacing them so often adds up very quickly! Brow products like these ones by MAC and MUFE take a little bit of getting used to but after some practice, they are great. A process that I have found to apply pigmented brow creams is to go in the heaviest with the mousse/cream at the end of my brows. I then line the rest of my brow with a little more product. Lastly, I wiggle the tiniest bit of product into the front with what is left on the brush. As I stated above, these kind of products require a bit of practice but once you figure it out, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Lise Watier Lash and Eyebrows Brush is essential to creating well-groomed brows. However, any stiff, thin angled brush will work. This one by Lise Watier is great because it also features a stiff spoolie on the other end (the free spoolies from Sephora are great as well). I ALWAYS brush my brows as a last step in my brow routine to help get rid of any excess product. This is especially essential when it comes to the front of the brow. When my brows are too squared off at the front, I find that it becomes too fake looking and the spoolie helps me avoid that.


Swatches: NYX Betrayal Nude Matte Shadow, Maybelline Dark Brown Define-A-Brow, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ash Aqua Brow, MAC Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline Gelcreme


Put the tweezers away, invest in a good brow product and frame that face!

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