Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Eye Shadow: Review And Swatches

For the summer, I often reach for cream eyeshadows because of their ease and long wearing capabilities. I wear them as SSS (Single Sweep Shadows) and blend them with a fluffy brush such as the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. I finish the look off with eyeliner and waterproof mascara and call it a day. A new addition to Josie Maran’s cosmetic line (and a welcomed addition to my makeup collection) are the Coconut Watercolour Eye Shadows and they make the Single Sweep Shadow look a breeze to achieve.


These eyeshadows by Josie Maran are something that I have not yet come across before. The formula is a true liquid and thus, really thin and easy to blend and work with. They come in 6 very reflective and metallic colours. They are so metallic that they almost look wet on the skin, which makes for a very pretty glowy look, especially for the summer!


Most eyeshadows this metallic usually come in the form of pigments but this liquid version makes it easy to get the metallic look without the work and pain of dealing with loose pigments (foiling, shadow fall-out etc.). As you can see, the pigment of these shadows is suspended in a coconut water formula. The product has to be shaken (vigorously) before being used to make sure that both mixtures are combined. When the product is not shaken enough, the eyeshadow can look a bit muddy and separated.


The two colours I picked up, Beach Sand and Bora Bora Bronze, are two of the neutral and darker colours. Beach Sand is a stunning metallic medium brown and Beach Sand is a dark warm metallic brown. Both colours are reflective and almost duo-toned in the fact that they have the ability to look like different colours in different lighting. Beach Sand is a brown but can sometimes look like a grey taupe. Bora Bora Bronze is a dark brown but in certain lighting, can appear to be purple or burgundy. Thus, these eyeshadows work extremely well as SSS: Single Sweep Shadows. See my SSS post here!


I wear eyeshadow primer pretty much underneath any eye product. As someone with oily skin, this is a crucial step in my makeup routine. With a primer, these liquid eyeshadows last ALL day. My belief is that their thin formula makes them less prone to creasing, or at least when being compared to other thicker cream eyeshadows. The liquid formula also makes them easy to blend, which can sometimes be a hindering factor because they can simply be over blended everywhere. The key is to apply very sparingly (with the doe-foot applicator) and blend quickly (with a big fluffy brush such as the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush). They dry fast so make sure to work on each eye separately. Their fast drying quality make them a little difficult to pair with other eyeshadows but I enjoy and will probably only wear them on their own. However, it is still something to note for others who might want to wear them in more complex eye looks.


Swatches from the top: Beach Sand and Bora Bora Bronze

Overall, these Coconut Watercolour Eye Shadows great product and a welcoming invention to the eyeshadow world. As a makeup addict, it is definitely nice to see companies trying out new things and it is even more wonderful when they succeed!

– pigmented, metallic colour
– a little goes a long way so it will last forever
– liquid formula is easy to blend
– light weight and long wearing on the eyes

– limited shade range of 6 colours
– needs to be shaken before each use
– dries fast (which affects how they can be blended and used with other eyeshadows)


  1. Hey! Sorry for the off topic, but your posts have not been showing up correctly on my feed(no images this time) for a while. The one I’m using is Feedly. Btw, these shadows look great!


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