Beach Necessities


These are the products that I bring to the beach in an effort to stay SPF protected and avoid looking like a hot mess. I have never been a low maintenance kind of gal and the same pretty much rings true for when I’m at the beach. I try to bring products just in case I might need them. It is better to be over than under prepared, kids!


Before hitting up the beach, I apply a facial sunscreen (which everyone should be doing everyday) underneath any products that I may be wearing and reapply at the beach if needed. I apply a base layer of body sunscreen before I leave for the beach and reinforce SPF through out the day with a spray sunscreen.

– Facial Sunscreen: Shiseido
– Body Sunscreen: Neutrogena
– Spray Sunscreen: Banana Boat


I do not use foundation when I plan to be out at the beach but I do cover up any blemishes with a waterproof concealer. This one by MUFE does not budge and I bring it along for touch-ups, if needed. Facial sprays are great for a bit of refreshment on a hot, sunny day. They do wear down sunscreen so make sure to reapply accordingly.

– Waterproof Concealer: MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer
– Facial Spray: La Roche Posay
– Blotting Sheets: Clean & Clear


While getting ready for the beach, I apply a lipbalm with SPF and let it sink into my lips. I then apply a liquid lipstick overtop for a bit of colour. Throughout the day, I will reapply the lip balm and the liquid lipstick makes sure that reapplication does not result in a mess. I have to admit that it is a little dramatic to wear a matte bold lip to the beach but it means that I won’t have to worry about smudgy, smearproof lip colours all day.

– SPF Lip Balm: Carmex Strawberry
– Long Wear Liquid Lipstick: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (pictured in the shade Carina)

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