On My Nails #3: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy


Lo and behold, the perfect summer colour. Flip Flop Fantasy is a BRIGHT neon pastel coral that just SCREAMS summer time fun. When it comes to nailpolish, my hands are a free for all and I pretty much wear any and all colours. On my toes, I stick to darker colours because I think they look nicer and match any footwear. I may have to change my rules though because this bright coral is too awesome to only be worn on my hands.


Most neon colours dry matte and this one by China Glaze is no exception. The matte factor makes them dry super fast which surely helps with layering (3 coats of polish pictured here). Finish with a top coat and this matte neon polish by China Glaze is as good as any other glossy formula.

I have been on the hunt for other colours from the China Glaze Poolside neon line but with no luck. The lack of access to China Glaze here in Vancouver is saddening so I suspect that a Nail Polish Canada order may occur in the near future. Back in the day, I used to be obsessed with neon pink nailpolish (which I bought from the local dollarstore, no less) and I  feel that phase coming back in full force!


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