Beauty Instagrammers To Follow


(Shameless plug: I have started up my own little Instagram account for daily beauty shots. Feel free to follow me @sylvialoveslipstick)

Instagram is my favourite social media platform for many reasons, one of them being that it is a great tool for staying up to date with the beauty world and connecting with other beauty enthusiasts. I gather a lot of beauty inspiration and product recommendations from Instagram, as it is a great interactive resource. The beauty community on Instagram is really something amazing and I wanted to round up a post on the gems who I think deserve a follow.

photo 3

@depechegurl for some straight up sick and completely awe-dropping makeup inspiration (the way she does her lipstick especially KILLS me, of course, in the best way possible)

photo 5

@dontcallmejesse for flawless lipstick taste and the most amazing lip swatches, I am always enabled by her pictures so be forewarned

photo 2

@_girly_stuff__ for beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (3x for emphasis), cute and girly makeup pictures

photo 1

@trendmood1 for all the latest and greatest on new product releases, especially for the MAC LE fans out there

photo 4

@twopinkplease for new beauty products complete with fantastic hand swatches, also a hardcore enabling account

I follow a TON of other beauty Instagram accounts so I may have to make this an on-going blog topic. I am thinking about doing a round-up of celebrity makeup artists worth following in my next Instagram-focused post so stay tuned for that!


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