My November 2014 Favourites


Bye November and HELLO DECEMBER! It is finally my favourite month of the year! My birthday and Christmas all in one month sure as heck make it a wonderful time of year. It has been a while since my last favourites post so let’s just get to it!


L’Oreal Voluminuous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara has been a recent discovery but it has already replaced the top spot for my ultimate favourite mascara. While it shows the characteristics of my other favourite mascaras (volumizes, provides length and holds a curl), it manages to do so 10x better in every single aspect. In addition, the brush shape helps with preventing mascara from getting on my eyelids. I seriously do not know how I managed to live without this mascara and I sure hope I never have to. On the topic of waterproof mascaras, if you use any waterproof products, you need to pick up the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. It is a great remover for waterproof mascara that does not require tugging to remove the product. I have talked about this product before on my blog but in an attempt to clear up my medicine cabinet, I wanted to mention it one more time before I finish it up.

My skin has been extremely oily lately, even though the weather has been super chilly. Isn’t my skin supposed to dry up?! I cannot even comprehend what is happening on my face, especially my nose, and it has led me to experiment with different products in my collection. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder combined with a jumbo powder puff to press/roll the powder into my skin has been a great solution to a greatly annoying problem. I would much rather deal with dry skin because it would east allow me to use all the heavy face oils I have in my collection but what can you do, except try to deal with the problem, right? However, I do remember reading about how skin produces excess oil to account for dehydration so perhaps I do need to start putting those oils to good use!


I saved the best for last. My favourite lip products of last month were Too Faced Melted Nude Liquified Long Wear Lipstick paired with MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil. I have been on a nude lipstick kick lately and this lip combo has been satisfying all my nude lip needs. MAC Stripdown helps with creating a clean defined line for the liquid lipstick to stay inside the lines. Too Faced Melted Nude helps with blasting a beautiful brown neutral onto the lips, with extraordinary staying power in a nice creamy satin finish. I would kill for Too Faced to come out with more Liquified Lipsticks in more neutral colours because I don’t know how I feel about bright colours in such creamy formulas.


Swatches from the top: MAC Stripdown, Too Faced Melted Nude

I prefer to keep these favourites to a handful of items because of the ramblings that occur when I start spewing my love for products. I like to think that since I am extra picky about what I share, it means that the products that do make it to monthly favourites posts are extra special.

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