#30blush Instagram Round Up


I finished my #30blush challenge a week ago and thought it might be interesting to whip up a blog post about the process. To sum up the pretty basic challenge, I had to wear a different blush for 30 days in an effort to explore my collection and refrain from repeatedly using the same ones.

At first, I wanted to start because I thought it would be a fun challenge to conduct on my then-new Instagram. I also thought it would be a good way for me to go through my blush challenge and give some attention to some neglected blushes. In the end, I was able to do just that and also go through the rest of my makeup stash. Because I was forced to document my blush of the day, I also thought I would incorporate other parts of my face of the day. I didn’t want to repeat the same products day after day so I was ‘forced’ to shop my stash and re-discover some old products. In addition, I was able to go through and purge some items that are unloved in my collection. My blush wish list has expanded ever since exploring the #30blush tag on a daily basis so I have no doubt that the money from selling my old blushes will go to good use.


Throughout the 30 days, there were some blushes that stuck out to me more than others. Some were favourites from the beginning and blushes that I had to explicitly stop myself from using again within the 30 days. Some were re-discoveries that I knew I had previously enjoyed, but were forgotten as my blush collection grew. In no particular order, here are my top 5 favourite blushes from my #30blush challenge:

1. Burberry Tangerine
2. Dior My Lady 003
3. Physicians Formula Argan Wear Natural
4. MAC Bad Girl Gone Good
5. NAS Luster

Can you see that I have a pretty defined blush type? Haha. I generally stick to neutral blushes that lean towards the warm/coral side. After discovering my type, it has been a lot easier to let go of products that just don’t work for me. I find that bright pink/red blushes, as well as overly cool blushes, do not suit my warm skin-tone and emphasize redness that I never knew I had. I used to consider myself a blush fanatic, although I have since moved onto lip products. Regardless, I had a big collection to begin with and this challenge was a great way for me to go through my stash and take a closer look at what I had… #makeupaddictproblems.


    1. I guess Tangerine does look a bit darker than usual, although I found that Earthy was too pale for me when I swatched it. Nonetheless, Burberry blushes are amazing and I’m hoping to add more to my collection! Thanks for stopping by, Annie!


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