MAC Permanent Lipstick Favourites: Nudes And Neutrals


The statistics on my blog (fancy schmancy, I know) has shown that my MAC Lipstick posts are some of my most popular. So in the light of giving the people what they want, I have a couple more to feature here! These 5 neutral lipsticks from MAC are some current favourites that have been receiving a lot of wear time. I have gotten into wearing eyeshadow more frequently and I find the balance between a full eyeshadow look + a neutral lip a lot more appropriate for everyday. Unfortunately, this means that I have been neglecting my bold lipsticks, but I’m sure they will be loved again when the weather warms up in the spring!



– MAC Blankety (Amplified Creme) described by MAC as “soft pink beige”
MAC Cherish (Satin) described by MAC as “soft muted peachy-beige”
MAC Kinda Sexy (Matte) described by MAC as “neutral pinky-rose”
MAC Velvet Teddy (Matte) described by MAC as “deep-tone beige”
MAC Yash (Matte) described by MAC as “deep neutral”
(Sidenote: MAC Honeylove (Matte) is an old favourite that was featured in my original MAC Lipstick Favourites post here)


Swatches from the left: Blankety, Cherish, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy, Yash

I like having a couple of different nude lipsticks in my arsenal for different looks. Not all nude lipsticks are created equal so I like to experiment with different colours, tones and finishes. The ones I feature here are all able to give me a neutral-nude lip look but in various different ways. My favourite nude lipsticks are of the matte and highly opaque variety (MAC, please release some nudes in the Retro Matte formula!!) but I do enjoy sheerer formulas for when I want a less fussy look. As you can see from my picks, I am not the biggest fan of concealer-type nudes (think MAC Myth) but I have found that colours like those can still be wearable with a bit of lip liner. Lip liner to the rescue, once again!

DSC_0830 DSC_0832 DSC_0834 DSC_0842 DSC_0843 DSC_0847

Top left: My bare lips muted out with a bit of foundation and powder (and repeated before every lip swatch)
Top right: MAC Blankety
Middle left: MAC Cherish
Middle right: MAC Kinda Sexy
Bottom left: MAC Velvet Teddy
Bottom right: MAC Yash


    1. Thanks, Natalie! I also love round-up posts because they’re a great reference point (especially with swatches). They are bad for my wallet though, haha.


  1. […] know that would’ve taken up the whole list. Links to my previous Top MAC Lipstick picks here and here. MAC was the very first non-drugstore beauty brand that I ever got into. I remember my first MAC […]


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