My MAC Permanent Blush Palette


As much as I enjoy the LE collections and releases from MAC, the products from MAC’s permanent collection are the gems that I really should be paying attention to. It’s easy to get pulled into the hype around acquiring LE items in special formulas, colours and packaging even though the quality may not always be all there. Luckily, MAC has their own permanent core products to help ground the sometimes faulty products that they release through out the year.

Today’s post is dedicated to my MAC permanent blushes that have been recently moved into a new and improved MAC palette home. These new MAC palettes are sleek, efficient (thanks to the clear lid) and much more affordable than their previous versions. I have a couple of older MAC Blush palettes but they contain LE blushes that have been depotted.


Cantaloupe (Matte, top left): described by MAC as “rich warm cantaloupe”
Melba (Matte, top middle): described by MAC as “soft coral-peach”
Peaches (Sheertone, top right): described by MAC as “pure peach”
Peachykeen (Sheertone Shimmer, bottom left): described by MAC as “very baby peach”
Trace Gold (Sheertone Shimmer, bottom middle): described by MAC as “gold with shimmer”


Swatches from left to right: Trace Gold, Peachykeen, Peaches, Melba, Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe and Melba would have to my favourite shades because they work well with a variety of different looks. I especially like to wear them paired with a bold lip colour because they add just the right amount of colour on the cheeks, without competing with what is on the lips. I lean towards warmer blushes in the peach and coral category of the blush spectrum. As I have grown and developed my makeup tastes, I have found that cooler pink blushes are not very flattering on me. Although it has taken time for me to choose the blushes in my custom MAC palette, I am glad that it has allowed for me to customize and decide on colours that I know I will wear.

As you can see, I have an empty spot in this palette. I’m thinking of going for Margin, Cubic or Prism and I’d love to hear about other suggestions from you!


  1. I have been wanting Melba for a while, I think I may be entering a peach blush phase because I’ve had my eye on a few. I only have one MAC blush which is Tenderling and I love it(it’s apparently similar to Cubic, just more pink).


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