Looking Inside My Medicine Cabinet


A sneaky peek inside my medicine cabinet. As you can tell, I like to mix it up and I’m not loyal to any specific brand (thus, the rainbow assortment of products haha). I am however, particularly fond of French Pharmacy products because I find that they work for me and are readily available for me at a decent price-point (one of the few Canadian beauty perks). I’m a bit of a beauty junkie in all aspects so these are only the products in my current rotation. My medicine cabinet is a good size but the space inside is highly valuable so I have to be strict about what I include haha.


I have never really written too in-depth about skincare on my blog because I have always had a difficult relationship with my acne-prone skin. When I first started getting acne in my teenage years, I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed topical treatments that used to work wonders for me. Over the years, they stopped working and eventually my dermatologist recommended that I look into trying out medication (my acne is hormonal and thus, tricky to fix topically). I read up on some of the medications and was too scared to try them out. My skin was troublesome but I didn’t think that it was worth risking my health to improve. I stopped seeing my dermatologist because I felt like he ran out of options for me and I never really felt comfortable with his medical advice (he suggested Accutane before other forms of medication and Accutane should ALWAYS be the last resort). Fast forward to today where I still have problems with my hormonal acne but at least my health is not compromised. I focus on using products with good ingredients that can help my skin (aside from the hormonal acne). The subreddit SkincareAddiction is fantastic for getting scientific information on skincare products and it’s been a great resource for me.

If you’re interested in hearing more about my skincare routine or about any of the products pictured, let me know.

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