Chanel and Dior Spring 2015: My Picks


Today’s post features a small haul of new products from the Chanel and Dior Spring 2015 Beauty Collections. I tried to not go crazy which, as proven in the past, can be an occurrence for me when it comes to special collections. When it comes to high-end makeup, I can easily say that Chanel and Dior are some of my favourite designer makeup brands. As a Canadian with limited access to many other high-end brands, I like that Chanel and Dior can be found in-store and do not require me to either go on a scavenger hunt or deal with shipping/taxes/customs/duties fees online. The life of a makeup addict here in Canada is tough but with access to Chanel and Dior, I think I’ll be just fine.

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Sephora VIB Rouge Haul


I am finally back! Sorry for the hiatus. I won’t bore you with any excuses, so let’s just get on to the good stuff!

These are the goodies I picked up from the recent Sephora sale. I went a little crazy, at least in my opinion, since I usually purchase products a few at a time. I knew the sale was coming up so I forced myself to exert self-control and not purchase anything from Sephora. My last Sephora purchase was actually made while I was in Vegas, back in August, so I would say I did a pretty good job of restraining myself.

Needless to say, I accumulated a long wish list of products that I wanted to check out for the sale. With my iPhone note in hand, I headed to my new local Sephora on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver. It was a nice treat to be able to haul new products from a brand new Sephora store. I probably spent over an hour checking everything out and swatching to my heart’s content. These are the products I ended up with, over two different trips.

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Illasmaqua Lipstick Haul


My apologies for the surprise hiatus, I know I said that I would be back after finals but man, it was nice to just completely relax for 2 whole weeks. The holiday season is always a great time to recover from the year and recharge for the upcoming year. This break, I got to spend time with visiting relatives and catch up with old friends. I also started marathoning a couple of new shows, which is always exciting. Overall, it was a break that was much needed and left me feeling excited about the new semester and new year.

Also, over the break, I reached 5,000 views on my blog. I was so incredibly excited when I saw this because it is a pretty big number! Thanks to those who have ever stopped by and supported my little humble abode on the Internet. Here’s to many more!

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